Odd sounds on Christmas Eve

It was Christmas Eve, I looked over to my bedside table. It was 9:30. I’ve been thinking about all the presents I would be getting from Santa. I was hoping to get a brand new 27 inch iMac. Then I slowly drifted off to sleep.

The day was here, I opened my eyes…  It was dark and cold. I looked at my clock, it was 11:PM. Then suddenly I heard this sound, a sound coming from downstairs. What it was: No idea. Then I thought to myself ‘there is only one way to find out.’

I slowly and quietly rolled off my bed. The carpet warmed my feet, just like a heater. I crept to my door, then just about when I was going to hold the handle, our neighbour’s dog started barking. I nearly lost my balance, but I managed stay up. I quietly squeaked open my bedroom door, then I noticed this sound was now a buzz.

I walked down the stairs, and the buzz got louder. I crouched down and looked around the corner of the stairs, so I could look down onto the lounge room. The tree lights were still on, flickering away. The TV was also still on. That was when I worked out what the “buzz” was. Then I looked at the couch. My Mum and dad were both snoring away. I quietly giggled, then ran back to bed.

The day was here, I opened my eyes…. It was bright and warm. I ran downstairs as fast as I could… MERRY CHRISTMAS!


We had finally arrived to the last room, and it sounded like the best. I entered the room, and my mouth dropped. This was like a dream come true. There were things such as measuring the pace of a ball being thrown by us. I threw a ball that went 89 KM/H. My throw was only a bit slower than a car on the freeway! Then there was a robot that could play air hockey (that never lost, like NEVER). But the greatest thing of all was the slide that went vertical at one point. When I went down it, it felt like my heart was in my mouth. Questacon is soooo cool.


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GOODBYE- Narrative

Suddenly, I heard the sound of my chickens screaming it’s lungs out. All of a sudden, I pounced out of my bed and ran down the long hallway. I tried to navigate through the darkness of the night, but I bumped into a wall or two. Eventually I got to backyard door and I peaked through the window. My mouth dropped. I grabbed my cricket ball, and opened the door as fast as I could. But the glowing eyes of the animal was already gone. Suddenly I heard a thumping sound coming from the hallway. Then someone emerged from the darkness.

“What the heck is going on” my dad said, whisper- shouting. “I’ll tell you tomorrow,” and I walked back into the dark.


Beep Beep Beep Beep. I smashed the top of my alarm. I slowly opened my eyes, half asleep. Then I saw my dad, followed by my mum walking into my room. I knew why they were here. “Is this about last night?” They both nodded. “Yes it is” my dad said. “Ok, I think I might have seen… a… a-” Suddenly, at that exact moment my dad’s phone started ringing. Both my mum and dad left the room. I quickly got out of bed to hear the conversation. “So you’re getting the truck out tomorrow, at 9:00. Then we’ll pack the truck. Ok, cool, see you tomorrow, bye”. My dad hung up. I walked out of my room. “What was that?” I said.  They looked worried.


They whispered to each other. When they finished their conversation, my dad turned in my direction. “Next week we are moving to the city” My dad blurted out all of a sudden. I was deeply astonished. “Wait, WHAT! How long have you been thinking about this for?!” I shouted

“For years now”

“But why didn’t you tell me?” I questioned.

“We were worried about you and the chickens”

“What do you mean, this place is going to have a backyard isn’t it?”




I couldn’t believe it. Apparently we are moving somewhere in the city. Is this a prank or what? But I doubt it. They sounded dead serious.


Over the week we slowly boxed up everything. Then I thought about the chickens. I cried for most of the afternoon. But eventually the day came.


I woke up to the sound of a truck parking in our driveway. I sighed, and I ever so slowly got up, and started heading to the backyard. I wish my chickens could understand what was going on. Mum was in the kitchen, as if she was waiting for me. “Mum, what’s going to happen to the chickens” I asked.

“Me and your dad have agreed to give the chickens to a couple of people from up the road” She answered. “Will the chickens be fine?” “I’m sure they will”


Eventually I had to say goodbye to my chickens, and I broke into sudden tears. I think I squeezed my mum so hard she might have suffocated.


“C’mon!” My dad shouted. “It’s time to go now.” I slowly walked down the completely empty house. Then I had this weird moment. I’m leaving now. I’m leaving everything. My chickens. My backyard. My home, and where I live.  It’s all going. This is the end, the end of everything I loved.

I hopped into the car. It was silent. My dad sighed, “Let’s hit the road!” and we were off.





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The force of a meteor can be 20 times bigger than an atomic bomb.

A shooting star/falling star is a meteor

Shooting stars/falling stars burn quickly as they hit the atmosphere.


How would comets, meteors and asteroids start forming and start picking up speed?

How does the asteroid belt work?


How would humans react if there was to be an asteroid (similar to the one that could have wiped out dinosaurs) heading straight for earth

Trouble on the bush walk.

We had finally got to the first stop on our 100 kilometre bush walk. Apparently it was an extraordinary clear blue pond, but it didn’t seem like it. It was black and gloomy, and it just didn’t seem right. It almost seemed dangerous, so I went for my phone, and it was at this moment noticed that there was no signals out here. I put my phone back in my pocket, and I just saw something definitely not right. A Flamingo came up from underneath the surface. I poked it, and it was not alive. I immediately stopped my bush walk, and went to find help.

Should people be allowed to build close to a volcano?

Today I’ll be telling you why people shouldn’t build near a volcano, so here are my reasons why.

Firstly, when a volcano erupts, it releases a pyroclastic flow. You might think the most dangerous about a volcano is the lava/red hot molten rock, but it isn’t. This pyroclastic flow is made out of really hot ash and rocks, that races down the mountain, like a waterfall. This is WAY to face to outrun and it will destroy everything in its path. So imagine what it would be like if a pyroclastic flow came racing towards you.

Secondly, you might think an extinct volcano will never erupt again, but it can erupt at any time mostly with very little warning. If you were in a town next to a volcano, it would be basically impossible to evacuate EVERYONE before the ash and lava gets to you.

So in conclusion, a pyroclastic flow is too fast and hot to outrun, and the fact that an extinct volcano can erupt at any time, would you like to live anywhere near a volcano?

As I stare into the water it began to turn green…

It was my turn. I have been training for 4 years just to get here. I climbed up the stairs and I took my place on the diving board. I quickly looked down, then I noticed something. As I stared into the water it began to turn green. Immediately I began to wonder, so asked some people to inspect it.

Later on they considered the water to be safe. I climbed up the stairs and I took my place on the diving board, and I jumped. I got out of the pool and patiently waited for my score. My jaw dropped, I had just given another gold for Australia!

Chilean VS Haiti Earthquake! BTN

I strongly believe that Chile had a much worse Earthquake than Haiti, but how do I know? Well here are my reasons why.

First of all, the Chilean Earthquake was 500 times more powerful. It measured 8.8 on the Richter scale while Haiti was only at 7. This makes it clear that it’s more powerful than Haiti. The Chilean Earthquake is also known to be the worst Earthquake ever recorded ever.

My second reason why Chile had a much worse Earthquake than Haiti is that Chile had a much worse Tsunami. The Tsunami caused by the Chilean Earthquake had a death toll of about 200 and all boats were lost. After the tsunami had passed the Hawaiian Islands, the damage costs were estimated at $24 million, and 61 people had died from the Tsunami. Hilo is a part on the main island of Hawaii, was the hardest hit out of all the islands. Also the height of the Tsunami at Hilo was measured at 10.7 m.

So it is 100% clear that the Chilean Earthquake was much worse than the Haiti Earthquake as because it was more powerful, and the Tsunami was much worse.

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Video made 9 March 2010